How Much Is It to Keep a Pony a Week?


The cost of keeping a pony will depend on where you keep it and how much the livery is. Full livery can be expected to cost in the region of £100-£150 per week with hay going for £10-£20 per week
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Step 1: Are your expectations realistic? The "get on and go" idea is not really a reasonable expectation, even with a 20 year old, well trained pony. If your child spends
Ponies are kept for multiple reasons, including: They are cheaper to maintain than full sized horses. They are the perfect size for children and small adults. You do not need as much'_s
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Any pony will do for you especially if it is just going to be a companion. Breed does not matter. I would suggest getting an older horse or one that can't be ridden, there are so
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Loaning a pony gives you the opportunity to own one without undergoing the initial cost of buying. The cost to the share owner will be £105 per week if the ...
Depending on how big the animal is I would say at least 5 acres of pasture land. That is for a small horse. A good size horse can grazed down 5 acres in little ...
It is an essential annual requirement trimming every six weeks £215 ...
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