How Much Is Ivory Worth?


The price of ivory will depend on the form it is in. To get the exact price for an ivory, all you have to do is measure the ivory figure and then calculate approximately $200-$375.00 per inch. According to UK and EU laws in conjunction with CITES(Convention International Trade in Endangered Species), the trade in Ivory is banned out right, this means that the sale, transportation, importation and exportation is strictly prohibited, the only exception is to antique specimens. So make sure to checkon the local laws.
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On the black market, rhino horn sells for about $5,000 per kilogram (2.2 lbs. while elephant ivory sells for about $3,000 per kilogram. In the 1970s, black rhinos numbered well over
it depends on its size. if it is around 3inches it is worth $100.00 if it is 9 to 10inches it is worth around $900.00. for more information go to.
Measure the ivory figure, then calculate approximately $200-375.00 per inch. Some ivory
Unfortunately it is expensive. Pre-ban elephant ivory is still available for scrimshaw. Mammoth ivory, and teeth and tusks of various animals are also available. Even old piano keys
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There are several variables to consider when trying to determine the worth of ivory. It would all depend on the item itself, it's size, and the amount of ivory needed to create it, as well as the current demand for the substance.
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The worth of Ivory in US dollars depends on a few different things. To determine worth the size, condition,weight and even form the ivory is in need to be evaluated ...
The value of a carved elephant ivory tusk varies from day to day. Other factors play a part in the value such as the size, weight and design carved into the tusk ...
An ivory appraisal is the process of determining an estimate of how much the ivory is worth. You can have your ivory tusk appraised and sold at Chattanooga, Tennessee ...
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