How Much Is Ivory Worth?


The price of ivory will depend on the form it is in. To get the exact price for an ivory, all you have to do is measure the ivory figure and then calculate approximately $200-$375.00 per inch. According to UK and EU laws in conjunction with CITES(Convention International Trade in Endangered Species), the trade in Ivory is banned out right, this means that the sale, transportation, importation and exportation is strictly prohibited, the only exception is to antique specimens. So make sure to checkon the local laws.
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Measure the ivory figure, then calculate approximately $200-375.00 per inch. Some ivory
Try eBay and see what you can get for them, there is no set price.
Ivory needs to have a documented history in order to be legally sold. Part of the value is what the piece is and the history. Like any thing, if a master craftsman created it it has
According to the application, the basic application fee if applied after December is $330. Otherwise, if it is a small entity, it would be $165. For electronic filing for small entities
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There are several variables to consider when trying to determine the worth of ivory. It would all depend on the item itself, it's size, and the amount of ivory needed to create it, as well as the current demand for the substance.
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