How Much is Jade Worth?


To find out what jade is worth you will need to know the quality of the jade in question. You can have jade that is worth only a few dollars to jade worth millions of dollars. You can find more info at:
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Jade is a gemstone that has different grades and so is difficult to give a value. A 5 gr
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Sorry but your question is like asking how long is a piece of string. Which type of jade is it, nephrite or jadeite first of all. Then colour, clarity and texture make a huge difference
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Just one jade stone is worth a pretty penny. You can turn in one jade store to a jeweler or pawn shop and get $190 from it. If you have the Empire Jade stone it is worth around $10,000.
Jade can be worth anything from a few dollars to many millions of dollars, this all depends on the type of jade being used. The most valuable form of jade, has a glowing translucent vibrant green color. The very lowest grade of jade may be a dyed nephrite used in costume jewelry valued at a few dollars.
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