How much Is a Japanese vase worth?


The worth of a Japanese vase depends on how vintage it is and its overall condition.A pair of Kutani-style vases can cost around £150 to £200.
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A Hoosier vase can cause between $9.00 and $30.00. A used vase can cost as little as $3.99. They come in green or can be clear with diamond, ribbed or floral patterns.
It is worth whatever someone will pay for it.
1. Research the history of Japanese signatures and marks and familiarize yourself with some basic knowledge to help you make an informed decision on the piece you are looking at.
It depends on the condition of the vase and the quality of it. They can go for several
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A Hoosier vase can be worth quite a nice sum of money depending on the condition it is in. Rare Hoosier vases could yield around $500. Other Hoosier vases of which ...
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