How Much Is Jennifer Lopez Worth?

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Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, dancer and TV personality. She is reported to be worth 255 million dollars as of 2011.
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Jennifer Lopez a.k.a J-Lo and her new name Lola is worth an estimated 110 million, I think her booty is responsible for bringing in at least half of those earnings.
According to, she is worth approximatly $110 million dollars.
Jennifer Lopez, better known as J Lo, was born in the Bronx, NY on July 24, 1969 which makes her 40 years old. She has 2 sisters, one older and one younger. Her oldest sisters name
Marc Anthony's net worth in 2007 was $11 million, while Jennifer Lopez's was
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There are no exact figures as to what Jennifer Lopez makes but in 2011 she was making 7 million pounds for sitting as a judge on Idols. She also made money from ...
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