How Much is Mercury Worth?


Mercury cost around $650 dollars per 76 pound flask. 76 pounds is the same as 34kg. The value is not super high, but not too bad either!
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Mercury is bought and sold by the flask. The price has been wildly fluctuating lately from over $600 to $200 per flask. It has to be 99.99% pure. You can find more information here:
30 u.s dollars per pound .
Mercury General Corporation is currently worth $44.56 a share. Any more questions? Just
the 2nd choice is hella better.
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Mercury, being a hazardous metal must be resold properly. Scrap of it will be sold as per impurity level and usable volume. ...
Interesting question! Mercury dimes can be worth up to 10 times their face value ($1.00). The value of your coin all depends on it's condition, mint, and circulation ...
Like most coins, Mercury dimes are valued based on condition, mintage, and circulation. They are also 90% silver so they are worth the current bullion price too! ...
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