How much is my 1914 quarter worth?


The Barber quarter was minted from 1892 through 1916. It was named after Charles E. Barber who was the designer of the coin. In circulated condition, a 1914 Barber quarter is worth anywhere from 3 to 50 dollars.
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You need to look at the reverse side of the coin and see if there is a mint mark letter underneath the eagle. It will have nothing, or a small D or S. Then you need to get an idea
1914 Barber Quarter (4) is 9, (12) 23, (40) 75, (55) 140, (60) 250 and (63) 375. Ask anything!
Here is a good site for you. It depends a lot on the quality of the coin. Good luck! Source(s)
This is located on the reverse of the quarter below the wreath. If there is a D the coin was minted in Denver, an S is for San Francisco and no mint mark means the coin was minted
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