How Much is my 1914 Quarter Worth?


The Barber quarter was minted from 1892 through 1916. It was named after Charles E. Barber who was the designer of the coin. In circulated condition, a 1914 Barber quarter is worth anywhere from 3 to 50 dollars.
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From 1892 through 1916, the United States Mint produced the Barber Quarter. The value of a 1914 Barber Quarter is based on its mint state: For example, if the quarter is graded as
1914 Barber Quarter (4) is 9, (12) 23, (40) 75, (55) 140, (60) 250 and (63) 375. Ask anything!
A typical roll of quarters is worth $10.00. If your quarters are older than 1965, and the roll contains all older quarters, the roll may be worth more depending on the ages and condition
Here is a good site for you. It depends a lot on the quality of the coin. Good luck! Source(s)
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