How Much Is My 2 Pence New Pence Worth?


It will depend on the year it was made. The 1983 2p Coin with 'New Pence' on the reverse is the only rare coin, all of the others are very common and were struck in very high numbers and are therefore valued at 2 pence.
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A pence is actually the plural word for pennies. So it depends on how many pennies you have. Some people say a pence equals a penny. But if someone asks you if you have a pence, then
I assume that by "original" the questioner refers to the time before the change to decimal currency in 1971. The present coin inscribed TWO PENCE, formerly just NEW PENCE,
With a diameter of 18mm-which is slightly larger than the U.S. dime-the current 5 pence coin, in production since 1990, is a smaller version of the one introduced at the time of decimalization
In British currency, a 2 Pence piece is worth 4 cents in U.S. currency. ChaCha
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20 pence is currently worth about $0.28 in American money. The pence is the British equivalent of a penny, which is not much to trade in. ...
0.20 British Pounds (20 pence) = $0.325180. ChaCha ...
A pence, also known as a penny, is worth £0.01. It is the smallest denomination within most of the currency systems in the world. In the UK, a pound sterling ...
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