How Much Is My 20p Coin Worth?


Your 20p coin is worth around £50. The people who will purchase your coin will eventually sell them for profit.
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20p it's not that old.
The coin is no longer legal tender in Ireland. As far as being of interest to collectors
Here is the link to the explanation offered by the Royal Mint. I do not believe many if any of these "mules" sold for more than £250 on eBay or anywhere else. I believe
I always maintain that the value of an item is what someone else is willing to pay for it. eBay has a function where you can search completed auctions to see what similar items sold
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Your coin's undated 20p has a market value and is worth around £50 to £100. Please visit London Mint's website for more details at ...
A 20p coin with no date is worth around £50 at present. To learn more about 20p coins without dates, visit ...
You undated 20p could be worth 50 pounds if you sell to the government or even 7, 000 if you sell it in the market. This being a collectors' item, people will ...
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