How Much Is My £5 Coin Worth?


A 5 coin is worth £5, which got the raise in the value from 25 pence in 1990. You can read about values of coins in
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The Danish 5 Kroner coin is worth $0.97. The Norwegian 5kr is worth $0.88.
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United Kingdom £5 Coin (Commemorative Crown) has a face value of £5 it was increased to this value from 25p in 1990. This increase gives the coin a value consistent with its weight and size in relation to present range of coins.
Your 5 coin has a face value of around £5 in the UK. The cost of this 5 coin way back in 1990 is around 25p.
Charles II in 1668 first minted a Five, but it fluctuated in value until 1717, when it was fixed at five pounds and five shillings. As of 2012, the worth of a gold coin is about ???œ830.
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