How Much Is My Barbie Collection Worth?


How much your Barbie collection is worth will depend on the dolls and their condition, as well as age. Vintage Barbie dolls are often sought after by collectors and can bring hundreds or dollars. More recent Barbie dolls, such as the Holiday 2008 Barbie will be valued at around $20.
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When determining what the worth of a Barbie doll is, I would first examine my doll carefully and note how much damage, wear and tear, or defects because damage will decrease the value
On my way to bed, but if you want to send me your list, I would be happy to appraise your items. Source(s) I appraise toys.
It depends on the quality of the doll & the buyer. You may want to bring it into auction.
The value of the 1959 Barbie doll in mint condition has sold for up to $8,000
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