How Much Is My Barbie Collection Worth?


How much your Barbie collection is worth will depend on the dolls and their condition, as well as age. Vintage Barbie dolls are often sought after by collectors and can bring hundreds or dollars. More recent Barbie dolls, such as the Holiday 2008 Barbie will be valued at around $20.
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It depends on when you got them and how many. If you've got every Christmas Barbie since 1980 then I'd say they're worth a pretty penny. But if you've only got last years, you're
1. Look at the condition of your doll. A Barbie doll in her box will be worth more than one without her box. A doll in an unopened box is worth even more. A doll whose box is in perfect
50 pounds is the most.
A year 2000 Christmas Collectible Barbie is currently worth
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The Holiday Barbie collection can be worth several hundred dollars, depending on the condition of the dolls. Dolls that have never been removed from their boxes ...
It depends on the model of your holiday Barbie as to how much it is worth. They were released between 1992 and 2000. These dolls still have a retail value. However ...
How much your barbies are worth today, depends wholly on what condition your barbies are in, and how old they are. Older, or rare barbies, would be worth quite ...
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