How much is my Beanie Buddy worth?


How much your Beanie Buddy is worth depends on the Beanie Buddy. A website call Ty Collector can help you estimate the value.
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Don't leave the Beanie Babies you've accumulated piled up in your closet. While they may no longer regularly bring in thousands of dollars as they did at the height of their popularity
Hi Stephanie, I am not sure what year of teenie beanie babies you have. There is the 1997 set,1998 set,1999 set and the 2000 set. The 1997 set is worth $94, 1998-40,1999-36,2000-90.
While you will find Princess Diana beanie babies listed on eBay for thousands of dollars, sometimes even a million dollars, you will not find any "completed" auctions where
put them on ebay with pictures that's your best bet but... make them a lot sale because they most likely won't sell individually put a picture of each. i just looked and saw a retired
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