How Much Is My Book Worth?


Some prices are quoted from antique books worth £40,000 from a world-famous library in central London to a mere pound or two for poorly maintained books and rip-offs. When determining a rare book's value, condition is everything. If you need to become familiar with book condition grading terms, you might want to browse our glossary. The grading terms that we use here are pretty standard. Keep in mind when grading your books, that condition is extremely important in the value of a rare book. Don't throw those torn dust jackets away! Even if it might be somewhat unsightly and torn, your book is worth more with the dust jacket than without.
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The most valuable comic books date from the Golden Age of the 1930s to the 1960s. Certain iconic characters, such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, were all introduced in the
1. Eargon Christaphoh Palioni 2. gregor the over lander. Susanna last name unknown. 3. the lightning thief, (4 books) Rick Riodan 4. the princess academy. Shannon Hale one book 5.
Not much unless it's an extremely rare edition. Keep in mind that comic books are mass produced and then sold to a lot of people. If you have some sort of very rare and sought after
1. Recall when you got the comic. Older comics tend to be valuable. Ad. 2. Check EBay, or another website that sells used items. Find out your comic's value, based on what other people
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It is difficult to determine how much your book will cost if you are an unpublished author. Famous and well renowned authors earn millions of pounds every year.
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