How Much Is My Caithness Paperweights Worth?


Caithness Paperweights cost anywhere from £17 to £175 depending on whether it is a limited edition paper weight or not. Caithness Glass is a Scottish company that creates unique paperweights from glass by engraving on them. They are one of the world's most respected producers of paperweights.
Q&A Related to "How Much Is My Caithness Paperweights Worth"
These currently sell on ebay for between $20-70 depending on the condition.
There are a few places where Caithness paperweights can be purchased. These include Caithness Glass, 20th Century Glass and Replacements. Another option is to look on eBay.
Here is one on ebay selling for $10.
No info on that. But a Royal Crest handmade dolphin paperweight costs £5.
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