How much are my cherished teddy bears worth?


To find out how much your teddy bears are worth you will want to visit a toy collector. If they are older than you then you can try an antique shop that sells old bears and they will be able to give you an estimate on it's worth.
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A Teddy Ruxpin in mint condition, in box, is worth $40 up to $100.
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The value of your teddy bear depends on its manufacturer, age, label, condition and many other contributing factors. For the list of prices of your teddy bear, ...
As of December 2012, a Teddy Ruxpin bear was worth anywhere between $40 and $100. The popular toy was first released in 1985. ...
Wendy Boston started the soft toy business in 1948, after the World War II. In 1954, they introduced the first washable teddy bear. However, they stopped producing ...
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