How Much Is My Clarinet Worth?


Clarinets have different price tags depending on their brand and wear, there are those that are made from plastics, metals or wood those their worth depends on these factors. metals are worth more than the plastics and wood. If it is in a good condition it can be worth from about £600-700.
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Your clarinet could be worth very little, or a lot of money depending on who made it, when it was made, and the condition it is in. You should find a music store to see if they will appraise it for you.
If it is in good condition, it could be worth a few hundred dollars. One way to sell it, is to contact the store in your area that sells band instruments for High School and Jr. High band students. In many cases, they will tell a parent that can not afford a new one about yours. Even in this day, most want to help the child get the instrument that they need.
To figure out the value of your licorice stick, as clarinets are affectionately known, you have to answer several questions: What kind of clarinet is it? A piccolo clarinet, for example, is rare nowadays and worth more than say, the more modern soprano clarinet. What's it made of? Wood, plastic, or (every once in a while) brass. How old is it? As with anything, collectors usually want older intruments. When was the last time parts, most notably the pads, were replaced? Last but not least: Are there significant dents and scratches on it? Best way to get your clarinet appraised: Take it to a music store. You might have some luck on Ebay, but better I think to have an expert look at it.
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