How much is my Coach purse worth?


How much your Coach purse is worth depends on which purse it is and the condition. It also depends on the demand for the particular purse. You can check sites like eBay and Craigslist to see what the purses are selling for in a given area.
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I don't think it will sell for much because Coach bags do not hold their resale value well. You might be able to get $50 for it depending on how exclusive the bag was. Coach bags
Coach purses go from $150.00 up to $900.
Significance Should you ever decide to sell the business, you should know what it is worth. Also, in cases of divorce, and the business is or has become a marital asset, you should
Depending on what style, Coach purses are between $100 to $600.Check out their outlet stores for cheaper options!
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