How much is my Coach purse worth?


How much your Coach purse is worth depends on which purse it is and the condition. It also depends on the demand for the particular purse. You can check sites like eBay and Craigslist to see what the purses are selling for in a given area.
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Coach purses are a really good brand and the price really depends the size and. Material. Usually a big one is expensive and small one are about $100 or less. Also leather ones are
Prices range from around $100-$700 from the actual Coach store. ChaCha!
1. When determining what the worth of a Barbie doll is, I would first examine my doll carefully and note how much damage, wear and tear, or defects because damage will decrease the
EBay supposedly bans the selling of knockoffs and fakes, so it's hard to tell
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