How much is my Coca-Cola bottle worth?


How much your Coca Cola bottle is worth depends on the year it was used, whether it has been classified as a collector's item, and how rare it is. Extremely rare Coca Cola bottles can bring in thousands of dollars if they are in good condition, but won't bring in much money if they are chipped or badly damaged. If you believe you have a rare Coca Cola bottle, you should speak to an experienced appraiser to see how much it's really worth.
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There is a1950's Coca Cola six-pack of used 10oz glass bottles on
Ranging from 3.00 to about 100.00.
Probably alot. If I were you i'd save it awhile longer so it can get more valuable. try ebay. amazon. maybe even craigslist.
i like coca cola. when i was a college student. i drank the coca cola drink from my dear friend. that was the first time i drink the coca. i feel it is so delicous. and i like it
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Depending on the age, condition, and rareness of the Coke bottle, the value is going to vary. For example, a 1946 Coca-Cola bottle in good condition might be valued ...
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