How much is my coin worth?


Coins worth depend on the type of coin and how old they are. Some rare coins might be more expensive than others.
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Shillings varied slightly in size, weight and purity through the centuries. Most are 24 mm in diameter and weigh 5.7 g. Shillings were made of 92.5% silver until 1816, and 50% silver
What country? What denomination? If American coins, are there mint marks on any of them (small letters D or S) Please post a new question.
I'm guessing you mean NAPOLEON - ??? (see if you're having spelling difficulties ...) You need to be more specific. What's the coin's denomination? What is its
A 2000 American Eagle Silver Dollar Bullion coin with a "W" or "S" mint mark in MS65 condition is worth: $18; if it carries a mint mark of "P," it is
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Guide to the Value of Old Coins
The value of an old coin depends on its age, rarity, condition, denomination and whether it is made from a precious metal such as gold or silver.... More »
The value of a coin varies from coin to coin dealer. Talk to a coin dealer near you for the most accurate information.
I would not be able to give you the exact amount of how much your coin is worth without knowing exactly what the coin is. You can always have your coins appraised at a local coin dealer or pawn shop.
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How much your coins are worth depends wholly on what year they are from, and what kind of coin they are. An old dime will sometimes be worth more than an old penny ...
How much error coins are worth depends on the coin. Other variables will come into play, such as number of coins with errors, the type of coin, the year of mint ...
Feodosia coins have different value because the coins are made from different materials. A coin can be made of gold, bronze, silver etc. ...
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