How much is my coin worth?


Coins worth depend on the type of coin and how old they are. Some rare coins might be more expensive than others.
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Ike dollars are worth one dollar.
Sometimes people come across blank coins in circulation, and they wonder what they've got and if it's worth anything. This FAQ page answers these questions about blank coins.
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I have over 9 of these coins, and i think that they are about 99-150$ each. Specific Information: 1897 is not a rare year for dollars. As of 10/2008 an 1897 dollar in average condition
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Guide to the Value of Old Coins
The value of an old coin depends on its age, rarity, condition, denomination and whether it is made from a precious metal such as gold or silver.... More »
The value of a coin varies from coin to coin dealer. Talk to a coin dealer near you for the most accurate information.
I would not be able to give you the exact amount of how much your coin is worth without knowing exactly what the coin is. You can always have your coins appraised at a local coin dealer or pawn shop.
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