How Much Is My Dale Earnhardt Card Worth?


How much your Dale Earnhardt card is worth will vary. It will depend on the condition of the card and the year.
Q&A Related to "How Much Is My Dale Earnhardt Card Worth?"
That all depends. if they are from before he died and are still in mint condition some one would probably pay 2 grand if they ar old and beatin up they are worthless.
According to Beckett's the card would be worth $3 mint. With the autograph, I know in diecast cars it doubles their value. But with cards, I'm not sure how much value the card would
Selling sport figures memorabilia is at best touch and go, supply and demand, if there is a demand you can get 2, 3, maybe 5 times as much as you paid for the hat, and if you get
About $4 when they sell, and these days they aren't selling. The only recent sale on eBay was a mint set of all six that sold for $24 plus S&H (which isn't cheap - each bottle
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