How much is my Effanbee doll worth?


The sixteen inch story dolls are worth approximately $50.00 to $110.00 dollars. The Mary Engelbrecht dolls are worth approximately $43.00 to $110.00.
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Effanbee dolls' prices can change from being priceless, to being about $2,000 dollars. It just depends on what condition the doll is in. Hope this helps.
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Mattel issued the first "I Love Lucy" Barbie doll in 1997. Over the past 15 years, more than 15 dolls have been issued, featuring scenes from some of the classic episodes
They were made in large quantities, so it is hard to say. oddly the colors got mixed up and the Huckleberry Hound figure ( stuffed , maybe a foot high) was done up in Red, looked
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