How Much Is My Gemeinhardt Flute Worth?


Your Gemeinhardt flute may be worth about £120- £250, depending on the period of time you have stayed with and the care you have given it. If you want to sell it, it will also depend on the demand and supply and also on the bargaining power of the buyer.
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It depends on the condition. If it is used and in good condition (no pad leaks) then it can be sold for $400-450. If it has dents in it, pads are not in that great shape then the
A Gemeinhardt M3 Flute sells at WoodWind BrassWind for anywhere from $570 -
The Gemeinhardt 22SP is a student model and not of any high value. The average retail is $389 new. With that in mind, in average playable condition, you could expect to get $75 -
This depends on age and condition. Solid silver flutes will hold their resale better than silver plated models. If the flute is in very good condition and does not need repair then
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