How Much Is My Guitar Worth?


The value of the guitar is based on the model, year of the guitar and also its condition. Check if there are any modifications, if the parts are original or any part is damaged. At website, you can select the type of guitar you have and the description of it will come from the time and age to the cost.
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You can get an alvarez guitar anywhere from 180 dollars new to 5000 dollars. The yairi line is very expensive and worth every penny if you ask me. I own a md80 masterwork series that
It is a Fender Squier Stratocaster. The Affinity. Sunburst color. It's selling new for about $275 on the Fender sight if i remember right, and used on eBay for 175. I put it up on
. i wouldn't think you could get very much for it. Guitars made in japan aren't that valuable. plus it's probably kind of a knock off.
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A rare guitar could fetch as much as 658 pounds. However, if it is a vintage one, you will have to consider its age, if it is original, numbers produced, condition, current market and so on. You can visit the guitar hangar website to find out the exact value of your instrument.
The value of a guitar is determined by the manufacturer and the condition of it. Guitars made by Les Paul are valuable because these have origins of being some of the first electric ones.
Your guitar can be worth a lot of money, depending upon the type of guitar. A vintage Les Paul can be worth as much as $150,000. Your guitar also could be worth as little as $10.
Knowing how much your guitar is worth is impossible without seeing your guitar. Like anything, it is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. That being said, the best place to find out a pretty good idea is to take it to a shop that specializes in guitars.
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