How Much Is My Gulbransen Piano Worth?


It is nearly impossible to price the worth of a Gulbransen Piano without the aid of a professional familiar with them. A good way to try and estimate its worth is to look through sale and auction sites to see how much others are going for.
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I just bought one today for $150 and it is classed as partially working (needs work) They can vary from this $150 (a basic practice piano for a student) up to $1500 for a very good
This guide will teach you how to determine the age and value of your instrument.
1. Examine your doll carefully and note how much damage and wear and tear it has, or if any defects are on the doll. Damage will decrease the value. If your collectible Barbie doll
Worth more as an antique than as a piano. That old it has a "birdcage" action; over dampers. Impossible to get new replacement parts for.
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The worth depends on quiet a few factors like year it was manufactured and the condition the piano is in. You will need to have it inspected by a trained piano technician and appraised by a dealer.
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