How Much Is My Gulbransen Piano Worth?


It is nearly impossible to price the worth of a Gulbransen Piano without the aid of a professional familiar with them. A good way to try and estimate its worth is to look through sale and auction sites to see how much others are going for.
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1. The worth of the wurlitizer piano depends on its type and age. 2. At eBay, the prices range from $ 114 to $1200 for different types of wurlitizer pianos. 3. Please see at: http
if this is authentic its worth between £45,000/£60,000 depending on condition, its probably around 80 years old, they started making them about 85 years ago but the mass
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The worth depends on quiet a few factors like year it was manufactured and the condition the piano is in. You will need to have it inspected by a trained piano technician and appraised by a dealer.
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