How much is my "Harry Potter" book worth?


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The industry has become a multimillion dollar company, and to put into perspective, J.K. Rowling has more wealth than the Queen of England.
On Ebay, paperback copies of HP and the Sorcerer's Stone
82 ???????? There are only 32 pieces in a chess set - How the heck did they spin it out for so long ???? Anyway I'm guess, sadly not too much, they seldom do. Prob less than a third
When I bought it, first ed, it was worth app. $20, of course, in pounds, as the first edition was Britain only (and I got it! Nowadays, it's worth probably aroun $75. It's not old
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The price of Harry Potter books depends on several factors like edition, book binding, printing errors, and if it is signed by the author of the book. For example, a book with printing error will cost about 1,000 pounds.
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