How much is my Indian arrowhead worth?


There many ways you find the value of an Indian arrowhead. There are actually websites that buy arrowheads and can appraise the value of your arrowhead. Also, you can even purchase guides that can teach you how to find the value of your arrowhead.
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Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark your 1936 Indian Head nickel is the highest mintage of the series, most show heavy wear and only have values of $1.00-3.00 only
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The amount that your 1906 Indian penny would be worth, would all depend on the condition that the penny is in and what kind of Indian penny you have. It can be ...
An 1888 Indian Head penny is worth about 10 times it's face value. One that is in very good condition is approximately worth $1.00. If the mint mark is worn, you'll ...
The amount that your 1898 Indian head penny would be worth would all depend on the condition of the penny and the kind that you have. It is usually worth $1.75 ...
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