How Much Is My Indian Arrowhead Worth?


There many ways you find the value of an Indian arrowhead. There are actually websites that buy arrowheads and can appraise the value of your arrowhead. Also, you can even purchase guides that can teach you how to find the value of your arrowhead.
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1. Locate where the arrowhead is from. Knowing the specific state or region the arrowhead was found in will greatly narrow down which Native American tribe it could be from. Each
That is absolutely BRILLIANT! I have NEVER seen the like. Incredible. Unfortunately, it isn't worth a thing ..... except maybe a price for the novelty of it. That is very much still
It is impossible to tell without an appraisal. Some arrowheads may be
The worth varies from as low as $5 to $20,000, but the truth lies in the quality of them as whether the tip is broken and other quality descriptions. Condition: Any breaks, chips
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