How much is my McCoy cookie jar worth?


Appraising McCoy Cookie Jars

McCoy cookie jars circa 1940s to the late 1980s were produced by the Nelson McCoy Pottery Company. The company produced a little over 200 designs. Some had the company's mark or a model number. The earliest jars had no numbers. Appraising a cookie jar begins with good research. One of the better reference books is Sanford's Guide To McCoy Pottery. The hard to find designs like Mammy With Cauliflowers or the Fox Squirrel command the most value ranging from $1000-1200. Easier to find designs go for $10-$15. Details like the glazing, color, model number, or size determines an authentic McCoy cookie jar.
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You need to go to an antiques site or maybe E-bay to get some answers.
Well, the Ball, Kerr or Atlas jars tend to be fairly common. However, some jars can be worth more depending on the actual embossing. (Especially dealing with Ball jars.) Jars with
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you can't find them because they are modern and sold in the dozens for under $7 where i live. second hand in perfect condition per dozen you might get three bucks - that equals .25
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The answer to this question really depends on what cookie jar you have, how old the jar is, and how well it has been taken care of. Without those details, I can't really answer you any better than this. You can find more information at
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