How Much is my Mink Coat Worth?


Your mink coat can be worth anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000. It all depends on the condition that the coat is in and the style/make of the coat (i.e. short vs. long).
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how much is a mink pelt worth? (other person) This all depends upon the quality of the fur, how damaged the coat is, and the length of the coat. If it is in very good condition, long
Probably nothing. Fur was fashionable when people didn't know what the animals went through for their coats. I think that the cruelty toward the animals is to much for most people
A full length coat, made of full pelts is worth about $700-800.!
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Your Mink Coat, if it's been worn, but is still in gently used condition with no marks on it anywhere, would probably be worth around $1,200. This also depends on what color it is.
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