How Much Is My Moorcroft Vase Worth?


Your Moorcroft vase, designed by William Moorcroft, may be worth around £ 111.041. Its price depends on its pattern and rarity.
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The Moorcroft pottery firm was born of an association of James McIntyre and William Moorcroft in 1897, at Staffordshire, England. They manufacture beautiful vases designed by great craftsmen. Moorcroft vases currently cost about £ 111.041.
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$15 USD apiece. They are nice but not serious collector pieces..
A Hoosier vase can cause between $9.00 and $30.00. A used vase can cost as little as $3.99. They come in green or can be clear with diamond, ribbed or floral patterns.
The mark on the bottom will give a clue about the age and which company produced the piece. Pieces marked with NM USA generally date from the late 1930s to 1940s. Those that say McCoy
It is worth whatever someone will pay for it.
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