How Much Is My Motorhome Worth?


Your motorhome value will depend on its type, its make year, model, state, and the mileage of the vehicle. You can visit your local car auction centre and see how much they are auctioning for then you can determine your base price. You can also see an adviser who will estimate the reserve price.
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Depends on condition, mileage, and overall mechanical condition. what ever a buyer is willing to pay, I have just bought one in Canada, tip top condition, 2 owners, vehicle inspection
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The value of your motor home depends on its current condition, make and model. Visit the following website for more details and specifics on what your motor home might be worth;
He cost of a motorhome starts from 19,000 to about 70,000 in UK. If you are looking to sell your motorhome, you can compare the prices of other motorhomes being sold around you.
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