How much is my Movado watch worth?


The worth of your Movado watch depends on its model and condition. You can consult a local watch dealer and ask how much your watch is worth.
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In order for you to determine how much your Movado watch is worth, you will need to know how old your watch is and what the condition of the watch is. You can find more info at:
The only way to know what you Movado watch is worth is to have it appraised. You can look online for similar watches to find out what they are selling for and what you could get for it.
As with anything else that you would like to find the value of, there are several factors that will determine that value. When estimating the value of your Movado watch, a jeweler will determine the condition of the watch both inside and out as well as the age and what the watch is made of. Not all Movado watches have the same value.
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