How Much Is My Noritake China Worth?


The worth of your Noritake China depends on the piece and condition. Prices can range from 5 dollars to 1000 dollars.
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You didn't mention a particular pattern in your question so we will work in general. The china can range from $300 on up for a 20 piece set. However, that is the retail price. When…. nice friend!
1. Note that in 1904, the company operated as Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha, located strategically in Noritake, a village near Nagoya with abundant raw materials and a highly skilled workforce
I did find a website where you can sell it. I'm not sure if they're willing to give you a quote for what you could get, but since they specialize in selling china, especially noritake
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Noritake. PETITE #5507.…. ...
How much your china is worth depends on who manufactured it, how old it is, the pattern, and the materials it was made with. Some rare pieces of antique china ...
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