How Much is my Old United States Currency Worth?


The value of old United States currency is based on two factors, the condition of the money and it's rarity. If your currency is a national bank note, it will be worth more if it is from a state that was less developed or had a smaller population. You can find out more information here:
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not alot. or to be serious for every british pound strerling you will get 1.52393 U.S dollar (may vary)
Historically, backing of U.S. and international currency was from the gold reserves of the country issuing currency. The U.S. gold standard began to breakdown during World War I,
One Ireland pound is worth 1.80 US Dollars. However, it is
I haven't studied this extensively but it seems like this is basically because the US won World War II, has maintained its unchallenged military superiority since then and has had
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I don’t know what kind of currency you have. For all I know you could have some kind of foreign currency. You should get a collectors book and look it up ...
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