How Much Is My Raggedy Ann Doll Worth?


How much your Raggedy Ann doll is worth will depend on it's condition and the year it was made. For example, dolls that are between 1918 and 1960 are often considered antique, so they would be worth more.
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it can cost 25.00 to 50.00 depending on the condition. I sold on for 30.00.
1. Examine your doll carefully and note how much damage and wear and tear it has, or if any defects are on the doll. Damage will decrease the value. If your collectible Barbie doll
1. Go to the library and/or bookstore and check out some collector books on current prices. e.g. Raggedy Ann and Andy Collectibles or 2. Check out eBay Source(s):
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Depending on when your Raggedy Ann Doll was made it could be worth quiet a bit of money. The 1915 series or Raggedy Ann in good condition have been known to sell for over $1000. It is best to have your doll inspected by a vintage toy collector to find out the exact worth of your doll.
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