How Much Is My Remington Rifle Worth?


A Remington rifle is approximated to cost 620 pounds. This is a type of firearm developed by the Remington Company; it was very efficient and was used in World War II and it uses both gun powder and bullets.
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Which model? 100-1000 USD depending on specifics.
1. Decide what type of Remington rifle you want to purchase. Remington brand rifles include repeating rifles, shotgun-rifle combination firearms, rifles tailored especially for left-handed
Your rifle's worth is dependent upon the make, the model and the gauge. The higher the guage the more the gun is worth. Different brands are worth different prices as well.
$300.00 for a used Remington 7400 270 cal.with wood grain stock and a scope,
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A Remington 222 bolt action rifle with a walnut stock and blue finish is Six hundred eighty one dollars and forty six cents. A pretty good deal, just take care ...
This Remington 22 long rifle may be valued at over twenty-five hundred dollars depending on the condition and if it has ever been fired. Some Remington long rifles ...
what is a remington 7 milemeter in great shape wourth. ...
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