How Much Is My Ring Worth?


To ascertain the worth of your ring, visit your local H.Samuel store and they can arrange for a fully qualified National Association of Goldsmiths valuer to appraise your jewellery for insurance or probate
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The value of your ring depends on what type of metal it is. If it has gemstones, they will also change the price. You can usually get your jewelry appraised at a jewelry store.
To find out how much your ring is worth, you should take it to a jeweler. It depends on a few things as to how much the value of it is. It depends on if it is gold or silver and what type of stones it has in it.
How much your ring is worth depends on many factors. First, what is the band made of? Is it gold, gold-played, silver, or something else? Does it have a real gemstone in it? A platinum band with diamonds would be worth more than a plain gold band.
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