How much is my Royal Doulton china worth?


Royal Doulton China provides the very best in formal dining, dinnerware, English bone china, casual tableware, and dinner sets. A Royal Doulton china deco flower plates 'somerset' d5315 costs £1.00. An Icon 44 Piece Boxed Cutlery Set is priced at £199.00. The Old Country Roses 20 piece set goes for the price of £235.00.
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A set of 4 Royal Doulton Beatles mugs are for sale on
Items like that usually sell for around $35.00.…. Source(s) Top rated ebay seller and dealer in vintage/antique items.
This is China the country section, ask your question in collectibles and antiques, then you get a good answer.
My grandma gave me her china as a graduation gift and I am wondering how much it is worth. I don't want to sell it. I'm just curious. She doesn't remember how long she has had it.
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