How much is my Royal Worcester set worth?


A royal worcester set consisting of a w plate 27cm, plate 21cm, cereal bowl 17cm, and teacup and saucerOne set is worth £99.99
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1. Write down any unique markings or features of your breaker bar set. Look for a manufacturer's initial or a brand name. Note the overall condition of your set. You will need this
How big is a complete set? Service for 4? Service for 8? In checking prices on the Internet, I find that a four-piece place setting of dinner plate, bread/cake plate, small bowl and
Yes indeed dear girl, a fine example of the wonderful work done by Royal Doulton. I shall have a lucky guess and estimate the value, in good condition, at $50.
According to one seller an Artley 5-0 flute w/
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Your Royal Doulton is between £5 to over £100. One thing that will greatly affect its value is the condition of the plates. ...
The worth of your royal Doulton plate will depend on the quality and supplier. On average, it may be worth from as little as £5 to over £100. ...
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