How Much Is My Shirley Temple Doll Worth?


How much your Shirley Temple doll is worth depends on many factors. Some of the factors are the age and condition of the doll. The exact doll and how rare it is greatly affects the worth of the doll.
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The Danbury Mint, 14" Shirley
I will suggest that you visit this site it a wonderful site for id of your doll please type in, barbie and you will have several pages of original Barbie and
I have like 20 of them. I started collecting them in 2000 to current. They have never been opened. They have all included packaging and are all nearly perfect condition. They range
Certificate of Authenticity reads: This certifies that each dolls head, hands and feet are crafted of high fire Bisque Porcelain with individual Hand Painted face. The Broadway Collection
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