How Much Is My Silver Flatware Worth?


How much silver flatware is worth depends on wide variety of factors. Such factors include the age of the flatware, the condition the flatware is in, and the current value of silver. To have silver flatware properly appraised, you should take the flatware to a professional.
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Little or nothing; the silver is probably not recoverable. It may be worth something at auction on eBay, if the flatware is in good condition, is a complete or nearly complete set
Hello Bob. Your flatware was made by Oneida Ltd. (now referred to as Oneida Silversmiths) who acquired the S.L. & G.H. Rogers trademark when they acquired that company in 1929
In colonial America, silversmiths decided to forge their own silverware and goods to avoid patronizing British purveyors of sterling silver. They collected useless European coins,
The price of a set of Kirk and Son's silver flatware is
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If you have a particularly nice set, you may wonder how much your silver flatware is worth. Entire sets are worth more than individual pieces, and new silverware still in the package is worth more than a set that has been used. If your silverware is monogrammed, it will be worth significantly less than a non-monogrammed set. The popularity of the pattern on your silverware will also affect the value. The availability of your silverware will greatly affect its value. If it has been discontinued it will be worth much more.
Silver flatware is valued based on the rarity and the quality of manufacture. Although the silver itself is also valued in the amount of the silver total weight relative to the value of silver. It is the manufacturing and quality that makes value go up.
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