How Much Is My Star Dollar Worth?


How much your star dollar is worth depends on several factors. Main things to consider are its date and the condition it is in. Typically they are only worth more than their actual value if they are either very old or are uncirculated.
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This all depends on the year, and what type of silver dollar you have. Some are considered collectible and may be worth a lot, while some are not worth as much. The first thing to
twenty dollars.
Resource An easy source find the current exchange rate for any pair of currencies is the currency converter linked on the front page of Yahoo Finance. The three-letter codes for the
It is worth ninety cents in an American store. It is worth almost one English pound. The value of the dollar will vary depending on what you are basing it against.
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Right now the star note dollar bill isn't worth much, just around $1.80, but if you keep it in great condition, in a clear plastic strip, over time they will add ...
Bills with stars on them are called 'star notes'. They are extremely rare and unique and if made before the 1960's it can be worth as much as $100.00. ...
it is 20 or 30 dollars. ...
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