How Much Is My Toby Jug Worth?


There are many different prices. Here is a link that will be helpful.
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As with all antiques and collectibles: That depends. Here are the factors; for this category of objects, they apply across the board: • Supply and demand, • Desirabilty,
1. When determining what the worth of a Barbie doll is, I would first examine my doll carefully and note how much damage, wear and tear, or defects because damage will decrease the
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I found a large Winston Churchill toby on ebay - but it didn't have the bulldog. The one I found is Royal Doulton, and here are some of the specs : (it's currently going for $19.95,
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The worth of your Toby Jug depends on its condition and rarity. To get an idea on the prices of Toby Jugs please visit
Toby Jugs are valued based on their rarity, their condition, and the current demand in the collector market. To find out an appraisal, visit a local pawn shop or browse online for similar items to see the going rate.
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