How Much Is My Trombone Worth?


How much your trombone is worth will depend on the brand, the age and the condition of the trombone. To find it's general value, search for like items for sale on eBay. Be sure the age and condition is similar to yours.
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The value depends on the make, model, and condition. A beat up student-level trombone isn't worth nearly as much as a high-end professional model.
Hi Robert, The Silversonic trombones had gold plating on the inside of the bell whether they were military or civilian issue. If you say "had" gold plating, that would imply
A box trombone would be worth about
Not that much. Try asking for $200 and be willing to haggle.
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The value of your trombone will very significantly depending on the condition it is in, the brand, its age and how rare it is. Typically they value anywhere between $100 and $1,000.
If you are interested in learning how much your trombone is worth take a look at it and figure out the maker. Next look online at different sites that will give you a clue.
How much your trombone is worth depends greatly on the type of trombone and its condition. In my experience, the only way to truly find the value of your trombone is to have an expert appraise the instrument.
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In very worn condition, it is worth $20. In moderately worn condition, it is worth $26. In slightly worn condition, it is worth $35. If it has almost no wear, ...
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