How Much Is My Waltham Pocket Watch Worth?


How much your Waltham pocket watch is worth depend son the condition of the watch. It also depends on the year it was manufactured. You need to get a reference book with watch values to compare what you have with what they are valued at. You can also visit sites like eBay to see how much they are selling for.
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1. Identify the type of pocket watch. There are three basic types. A hunting case pocket watch has a closed case that goes over the face of the watch. An open face pocket watch has
I have the same watch and your in luck, they are worth about $1000 depending on condition. I reccomend to hold on to it because its value will go up a lot.
Gold is the one of the most important thing and it is huge to find a perfect one. A quality of Gold is that how old you have the value is more and for financial purpose whenever you
Some watches like yours are going for £425.00 on
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