How Much Is My Washburn Guitar Worth?


The value of a Washburn guitar depends with its current condition and level of maintenance. A Washburn guitar in mint condition can fetch as much as 200 pounds at a pawn shop. Washburn guitars are considered classics.
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If your Lyon electric has the patch cord jack on the bottom side of the body, not the top like s fender strat, and the over all condition is like new or mint - I would estimate the
1. Remove the strings from the guitar to allow easier access to the pickups on its body. (Skip this step if your particular wiring job does not require removal of the pickups.). 2
Washburn D100DL Acoustic Guitar Warm, rich mahogany tone. The
The Washburn Lyon guitars are the lowest end of the Washburn models and are pretty much worthless. I think they were sold at Walmart. I wouldn't pay $50 for one. Sorry, but that's
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