How much is my Washburn guitar worth?


The value of a Washburn guitar depends with its current condition and level of maintenance. A Washburn guitar in mint condition can fetch as much as 200 pounds at a pawn shop. Washburn guitars are considered classics.
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If your Lyon electric has the patch cord jack on the bottom side of the body, not the top like s fender strat, and the over all condition is like new or mint - I would estimate the
Well is the guitar used? Does It have any scratches? Dents? What was the price when you bought it? If it was like lets say $200 then the price would go down half so it would be $100
Approximate worth of your Washburn Lyon L115 is $245.66. If you have
1. Purchase the most recent copy of the Blue Book of Electric of Acoustic Guitars (see Resources) for access to the most comprehensive guide to guitar prices. Look up the make and
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