How much is my Washburn guitar worth?


The value of a Washburn guitar depends with its current condition and level of maintenance. A Washburn guitar in mint condition can fetch as much as 200 pounds at a pawn shop. Washburn guitars are considered classics.
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It really all depends on the guitar, some are cheap like the GRG170DX, and some are expensive like the JEM. Nothing is worth more any someone will be willing to pay no matter what
My guitar is NOT for sale. But its in the corner of my room and I don't know how much its worth, I'm scared to play it in case something happened to it. My mum gave it to me a ...
A TT-2 model can run for ~250 on eBay.
Hello there, Without knowing what brand guitar you have, no one can say for certain what its value is. Most guitars made in China are inexpensive models. If I had to guess, I would
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