How much is nickel worth?


Nickel is one of those metals affected by market forces and has lost serious value over the last few years. It is presently about six dollars per pound.
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Most 1936 Buffalo Nickels are worth between 30-40 cents, whereas a more uncirculated, or less worn one could be worth 10 to 12 times more.
5 cents, unless it's uncirculated or proof.
Look at the coin again, Buffalo nickels were last struck in 1938, post new question.
The 2006 Jefferson nickel has a value that varies depending on its condition. On average, this nickel is worth about $35 to $1.35 if it is of the D, S, or P printing.
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A 1908 nickle is worth $3 - $53. The lower range being poor condition and the higher range being perfect condition. If you have an uncirculated 1908 Nickel it ...
The Buffalo Nickle was minted between 1913 and 1958. A circulated 1934 Buffalo Nickle is worth $1 to $77. And uncirculated 1934 Nickle is worth $335 to $875. ...
How much a 1964 nickel is worth varies according to its condition. A very good condition coin could be worth as much as a dollar. The average value of this nickel ...
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