How Much Is Nike Worth?


Nike, Inc was said to be worth approximately $2.223 billion in 2012. The company was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Boweman. Nike is headquartered in Washington County, Oregon and Mark Parker is President and CEO.
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Market Cap of Nike The total market capitalization of Nike stock and assets is US$67 billion. UK £83 billion.
Nike Stock Price: NKE - NIKE, Inc. (NYSE) 56.40 +0.70 (1.26% Oct 9 9:58am ET.
How much does nike spend on advertising? Nike spends about one point seven billion dollars a year on advertising. From billboards, to sponserships,to comericial.
Warren Buffet's net worth is approximately 40 billion dollars. This is his net worth even after he donated millions of dollars to charity! Needless to say he is loaded!
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