How much is O.J. Simpson's NFL pension?


OJ Simpson's NFL pension was about $25,000 per month. He stated that his daughter spent all of his pension money.
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According to the International Herald Tribune, Simpson's NFL pension is estimated to be $400,000 per year.'s...
The IRS (an acronym for Income Redistribution Sucks) filed a lien against Simpson in January of this year, claiming it's not getting a cut of his $19,000 a month pension.
As for OJ's NFL pention money,it was 25k montly years
O.J. "Juice" Simpson is 6'1" & weighs 212 lbs.He's a 6-time Pro Bowler with 61 career NFL touchdowns. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012
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While the specific monetary details have not been disclosed to the public, experts on the subject speculate that OJ Simpson paid his lawyers well into the several ...
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