How much is one shilling in American money?


The shilling is no longer in use in Britain. When it was in use, it was worth one-twentieth of a pound. Under the decimal system, that is equivalent to five pence. As of June 2014, five British pence is worth around 8.5 U.S. cents.

The phasing out of the British shilling began in 1971, with the introduction of a decimal system that divided the pound into 100 pence. The shilling is still a monetary unit in Kenya, as of 2014. One Kenyan shilling is worth just over 1 U.S. cent. As of 2014, the shilling is also in use in Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Shillings are no longer legal tender in the UK and there is no direct currency exchange because of that. A shilling (UK) was a pre-decimal coin worth 12 old pence. After the UK decimalised
Currently one Euro is equivalent to 1.4357 American dollars. The exchange rate is constantly changing so tomorrow it may be equivalent to 1.6789, you just never know.
Not Financial Advice: 1 Kenyan Shilling is equal to about US$0.01191, so 1,000 Kenyan Shillings is currently equal to US$11.91. Looking at it the other way around, US$1.00 is equal
1.00 UGX (Ugandan Shilling) = 0.000514139 USD.
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0.0113 US Dollars (USD) is equal to 1 Kenyan Shilling
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