How Much Is Petrified Wood Worth?


The value of petrified wood varies depending on size and uniqueness. For instance, a small and well-defined piece is around $15 to $23 per pound but small logs that are not well defined is around $1 to $5 per pound. A large log that is well defined and have special color and great features can be sold at around $4 to $40 per pound.
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The value of petrified wood is what someone will pay for it. Large segments of logs with bark included, and colorful interiors could be worth thousands; small pieces that are unattractive
Broken chunks of petrified wood without any additional value characteristics
There is no way to know for sure how old the petrified wood from petrified trees is. To do this they would need a complete and unbroken series of the tree rings which does not exist
Tumblers carve rock in much the same way nature does it, only quicker. Place a sample of petrified wood into the barrel, and the tumbler erodes rough edges and sharp points by turning
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