How Much Is Petrified Wood Worth?


The value of petrified wood varies depending on size and uniqueness. For instance, a small and well-defined piece is around $15 to $23 per pound but small logs that are not well defined is around $1 to $5 per pound. A large log that is well defined and have special color and great features can be sold at around $4 to $40 per pound.
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The value of petrified wood is what someone will pay for it. Large segments of logs with bark included, and colorful interiors could be worth thousands; small pieces that are unattractive
At some places, a piece of petrified wood can cost between $2 to $10.
It would depend upon factors such as state of preservation, size, attractiveness, rarity and how much somebody's willing to pay. Generally, it's of little monetary value.
1. Obtain a piece of petrified wood that you would like to slice into slabs. Select a piece that is not quite as thick as the exposed radius of the blade of your wet saw. You may
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