How Much Is Petrified Wood Worth?


The value of petrified wood varies depending on size and uniqueness. For instance, a small and well-defined piece is around $15 to $23 per pound but small logs that are not well defined is around $1 to $5 per pound. A large log that is well defined and have special color and great features can be sold at around $4 to $40 per pound.
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Answer Answer No. 2, Not true, petrified wood is very rare, When there is good cell pattern and it is highly agatized, rounds burls knots, limbs. Though finding wood on a delta bar
It would depend upon factors such as state of preservation, size, attractiveness, rarity and how much somebody's willing to pay. Generally, it's of little monetary value.
Things You'll Need. Wet saw. Black marker. Diamond blade. Instructions. Use a wet saw that will accommodate the size and thickness of your petrified wood log. Some fossil shops, such
About 160-200 pounds per cubic foot.
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